It's Bedlam!

New Titles from author Robert Eringer
and illustrator James Harper

Tachydidaxy Travelogues

An Ear in Provence:
Listening to the French

ISBN 0-910155-53-4
The author goes in search of Van Gogh's severed ear —
and finds it.

Gone Berserk:
Runturing in Reykjavik

ISBN 0-910155-54-2
No one's ever the same after a trip to the House of the Blue Bay.

My Summer Vacation:
A Weekend in Jersey

ISBN 0-910155-55-0
A visit to the shore unlike any you've seen.
Other Bedlam Books

The Battle for Dung Hill
ISBN 0-910155-51-8
What can we say? This book stinks.

Granny's Lost Her Marbles
ISBN 0-910155-52-6

Granny wasn't feeling well.
Nothing a little electroshock therapy couldn't fix.
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